premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, commonly known as premature ejaculation, is the involuntary and uncontrolled ejaculation of men. It is a sexual dysfunction that many men have experienced at some point in their lives. It is the most common male sexual problem that they consult a doctor or sexual therapist. It is a disorder that negatively affects the sexual life of the couple.

Ejaculation is a reflex and a feeling of relaxation in men or women. Premature ejaculation is sexual
just before intercourse or immediately after sexual intercourse
is discharge. According to Master & Johnson and some researchers, premature ejaculation is 2 minutes.
while it was observed to occur under; According to current research, men
The fact that more partners have reached orgasm than the ejaculation process and controlled ejaculation
that it has provided. When will ejaculation occur because control of ejaculation cannot be achieved?
cannot be known. Sometimes ejaculation is achieved right after the penis-vaginal union, sometimes

It takes place during foreplay. It is more of a man’s will and control than the process.
is important. Experiencing ejaculation out of desire and control is a problem for the man.
may cause it to appear.
Among the causes of premature ejaculation; puberty, when sexuality begins to be discovered
while masturbating by other family members or by
caught while discovering, and when caught, this situation is condemned, great reactions
giving. The act of ejaculation is a controllable feeling. A mature male sexual experience and
As he gains experience, he can control ejaculation. But enough experience of the man,
As a result of lack of experience, young age, lack of knowledge,
discharge can be seen. exaggerated sexual myths, overexcitement, performance anxiety,
Decreased desire for partner and premature ejaculation due to organic reasons