prof. Dr. Gürsel: We do not know from which segments the increase in employment is due

BETAM Leader Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel said of November’s labor statistics, “Turkstat no longer includes departmental employment in its monthly bulletins, so we do not know from which branches the increase in employment came from.”

BETAM Leader Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel evaluated the November workforce data.

Gürsel, who was a guest of the Focus program broadcast on Bloomberg HT, stated that it is not known from which departments the strong increase in employment originated.

Gürsel said, “Employment has increased by 285 thousand, while the workforce has also increased. In fact, it increased a little more to 308 thousand. Therefore, the difference in the middle is 23 thousand. This increase in the number of personnel is a small increase.

We see that the strong increase in employment also increased significantly in the workforce. This is an expected development. In the past two years, there have been significant exits from the workforce during the Kovid era, the usual comeback has begun and there is still potential there. However, this is not surprising. TurkStat no longer includes branch employment in its monthly bulletins. Therefore, we do not know from which departments this increase in employment came from. We will find out when the quarterly statistics are announced,” he said.

Gürsel also underlined that 183 thousand of the 285 thousand employment increase is related to women.