Pronounced ‘hawk’ from ECB official

The decline in Euro Zone inflation from record high levels also increased the differences of opinion among the ECB members. While some European Central Bank (ECB) officials stated that the decline in inflation will necessitate a slowdown in interest rate hikes…

ECB Board Member Peter Kazimir made a hawkish statement against the pigeon pronunciation of bank officials in the last period. Kazimir stated that 50 basis points interest rate hikes should continue at the next meetings.

Kazimir, who is also the Leader of the Central Bank of Slovakia, argued that the increase cycle should be completed in the summer. Kazimir said, “but there is no reason to slow the pace of growth at this time.”

With inflation falling to single digits and falling power costs in the Eurozone, some officials are voicing a lower interest rate hike.

Finally, Greece’s dove MB Leader Yannis Stournaras said that interest rate hikes should be gradual.

“Inflation will go down on purpose without recession”

Also speaking today, European Central Bank Board Member and Bundesbank Leader Joachim Nagel said that the bank will succeed in reducing inflation without causing a recession.

According to the news in Econostream, Nagel said that inflation will not be brought under control as many panic, and there will be no recession in the Eurozone.

Nagel also stated that price stability is the greatest prerequisite for economic growth.