Raydium Abuser Moves $2.7M To Tornado Cash

The hackers sent around 1800 Ethereum to the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, which was sanctioned weeks after the DeFi protocol Raydium exploit.

Hackers, DeFi protocol radiumapproximately 1800 for Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer that was sanctioned weeks after its exploitation. Ethereumsent.

As security teams from various exchanges continue to grapple with the efforts of hackers, funds have been added to the approved cryptocurrency mixer. Tornado Cash’e continues to flow.

Hackers Transfer $2.7 Million Value of Ethereum to Tornado Cash

Solana-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol radium The attack took place on 16 December 2022. According to the developers, hackers took control of the exchange owner’s account and USD Coins, Wrapped Solana(wSOL) and radium(RAY).

After initial investigation, the DeFi protocol determined that the exploit was caused by a vulnerability in the decentralized exchange’s smart contracts. This allowed managers to withdraw liquidity pools as fees.

The Raydium team devised a plan to compensate hack victims using the DAO treasury to purchase lost tokens and reimburse those affected by the exploit.