Reality Pro, which Apple has kept secret for years, is finally coming

Apple’s Reality Pro, which has been rumored for a long time but never appeared, may finally appear this spring.

After years of development work, Apple’s long-talking augmented and virtual reality headset It looks almost ready. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company will release the device annually in June. WWDC plans to announce it this spring before its conference. In a sign that the long-awaited launch is finally on the horizon, Apple has shared the title with some high-profile software developers and told them a new “” xrOS” reportedly gave first-look training to the software. Gurman, in the spring ” Reality Pro“After announcing He expects Apple to release the device in the fall.

Apple’s urgency to release the title will affect the rest of the company’s 2023 series of works. On the software front, the company iOS operating systemThe next version is likely due to Apple assigning software engineers to the xrOS team” with fewer major changes than originally planned” it will appear. Gurman, ” Same goes for macOS 14‘ he adds.

Apple’s hardware plans are even less exciting. The company’s plans for the iPad, Apple Watch, and audio device lines no “notable” updates . Gurman said that new iPad Pro models with OLED screens are on the way, but these are probably until 2024 He says he won’t come. of the upcoming Mac Pro” another disappointmentThe future desktop computer will reportedly have the same design as its 2019 predecessor, and you won’t be able to upgrade the computer’s RAM on your own due to the architecture of Apple’s M-series chipsets.

The company’s only exciting gadgets are the new 15-inch MacBook Airand iPhone 15 it could be. Gurman says the entire iPhone 15 series will feature Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature and USB-C charging. Pro models will also include new titanium bezels and tactile volume buttons.