Redmi Smart Band 2 is on sale: Price and features!

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Smart Band 2 smart bracelet today. It was then put up for sale. Here are the Redmi Smart Band 2 price and features…

Today, the number of people using technological accessories in addition to smartphones and computers is increasing. These include smart watches and wristbands. Xiaomi also launched its Redmi Smart Band 2 bracelet, which offers up to 2 weeks of battery life today. Here are the Redmi Smart Band 2 price and features…

Redmi Smart Band 2 price and features

There is a great competition between Xiaomi and Huawei in the smart wristband market. In addition to these brands, we also see the Redmi branding of Honor and Xiaomi. These devices, which promise similar features in general, are trying to compete with their prices.

The price of Redmi Smart Band 2 was announced as $ 38. But between today and February 6, the pre-order price of $35 will remain in effect. So, what features does the Redmi Smart Band 2 stand out with when compared to other smart wristbands on the market?

Let’s start with the battery life first. The 210 mAh battery inside the device offers a useful life of approximately 14 days, that is, up to 2 weeks. Of course, if you constantly use its features such as more than 30 sports modes, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, stress monitoring or sleep monitoring, this battery life decreases to 6 days.

When we look at its design features, we see that it has a larger screen compared to the Mi Band series. The device has a 1.47 inch TFT panel. On the other hand, we can say that it is quite light with a weight of 14.9 grams. In addition, it can adapt to any environment with its strap options in 6 different colors and more than 100 dials.

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