Reflection of the ‘Fake Disability Report’ from the Cat Autism Association

Turkey is today in İzmir by the Financial Police in Atatürk Education and Research, Tepecik Education and Research, Alsancak State and Behçet Uz Children’s Hospitals.

Turkey is talking about the Dawn operation carried out by the Financial Police in Izmir, at Atatürk Education Research, Tepecik Education and Research, Alsancak State and Behçet Uz Children’s Hospitals, against 350 suspects who issued a fabricated disability report. The first reaction from the disabled associations to the fake disabled report gangs, which came to the agenda with the operation carried out throughout the country, came from İzmir-based Cat Autism Association Founder Serap Dikmen Ahmetoğlu. Ahmetoğlu made a statement to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA). He said that it is very painful to hear the news of the fake disability report while the disabled in Turkey are struggling with many structural problems in terms of accessibility and equal rights, especially discrimination, and that there are many areas to be analysed, and that the rights of disabled citizens are once again exploited together with state resources.

“The return of the charity culture approach, not rights-based”

Serap Ahmetoğlu, Founding Leader of the Cat Autism Association, said, “The basis of all this is to approach the disabled with a charity culture, not a rights-based approach. The perspective that does not accept the disabled as an individual who should live with equal rights and cannot establish the necessary system in education, employment and health so that they can live independently, keeps the charity culture alive with a group of advantages under the name of aid. So these reports become the target of fraudsters. Another difficulty regarding reports is the degree issue. If degrees are to be used in reports, they must be awarded in very robust ways. Invalid report gangs are proof that this system does not work well,” he said.

“Definitions in disability reports should be changed immediately”

Pointing out that there is a need for a different definition, regulation and support for chronic diseases and few diseases, Dikmen, the Leader of the Cat Autism Association, said, “The definitions used in the preparation of disability reports should be changed immediately. Because fabricated disability reports can often be drawn up on chronic diseases. Being able to issue fake blind, fake autistic, invalid deaf reports is not something that fraud gangs can do even in this system,” he expressed his reaction to the forgery.


According to the information in the news of Fatih Şendil from Yeniasır Newspaper; The suspects, who were determined to have prepared a fabricated disability report in exchange for prices varying between 25 thousand and 80 thousand liras, were detained in the operation in which nearly a thousand police attended and held in 18 provinces, including 32 organizers, 13 jokers, 1 physician, 6 civil servants and 35 hospital employees. H The following information was given about the fraud incident and the operation: “The suspects put individuals called ‘jokers’ to the examinations in order to receive a false report. All stages of the report-receiving process are followed by the members of the network. It was determined that foods such as olives were given for the production of olives. In 18 provinces and in İzmir, officials working in hospitals such as Atatürk Education and Research, Tepecik Education and Research, Alsancak State and Behçet Uz hospitals were detained. Izmir Police Department Dealing with Financial Misdemeanors Branch Office started an investigation on the intelligence that groups had given a fabricated disability report, and technical and physical follow-up was carried out in line with the instructions of the prosecutor’s office and court decisions. In the first stage, it was determined that the invalid disabled report was issued by the gang members for 249 citizens in exchange for prices ranging from 25 thousand to 80 thousand TL. It was learned that 380 suspects committed “qualified fraud, abuse of duty and forgery of official documents” and caused a public loss of approximately 10 million liras compared to the first determinations. In addition, the number and size of people who are given a disability report can increase up to 100 million liras throughout the country, and it enables individuals to benefit from many services and advantages provided to disabled citizens, such as early retirement, SCT reduction, free transportation card, by ensuring that detained suspects, individuals and individuals receive reports without any method. It has been learned that they provide and cause public loss. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)