Relatives of the patient who broke the ENT Specialist’s Finger Arrested

A new one has been added to the violence in health. Otorhinolaryngology Assistant Physician Çağla on duty at Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa Training and Research Hospital

A new one has been added to violence in health. It was learned that a patient’s relative attacked the Ear Nose and Throat Assistant Medical Cagla Arukan at the Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa Training and Research Hospital in the polyclinic yesterday, and the doctor’s fingers were broken. It has been learned that Medical Arukan, who is a specialization student in the surgical branch, has a broken finger and will undergo surgery. There were reactions from many followers to the news of the attack on the ENT specialist shared on Twitter. A photograph of the plastered hand of the physician, whose fingers were broken, was shared in the tweets where physicians and health workers tagged Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

The attacker was arrested

It was learned that AK, who took his child to the hospital, entered the room of Physician Arukan, who was on a mission in the otolaryngology service, and there was a discussion after the doctor said that he had been misdirected. It has been learned that the patient’s relative caused the assistant Medical Cagla Arıkan’s finger to be broken. After the white code was given, the patient’s relative was detained and arrested in the court where he was taken out.

PHYSICIAN quit his job

It was also learned that the attack would be condemned by making a press statement in front of Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital. HEKIMSEN made a statement about the issue yesterday and said, “While the violence terror in health continues, only the crime scene changes. This time Istanbul Gaziosmanpasa EAH! As we could not find a response to our demands, it was decided to quit the job.” There was a work stoppage at the hospital today. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)