Representatives of the G7 countries discussed the economic situation of Ukraine

Representatives of the G7 countries came to a meeting to discuss Ukraine’s economic and financing needs.

In a written statement from the White House, it was reported that Mike Pyle, National Security Advisor for International Economics, attended the inaugural meeting of the Platform for Peace Harmony for Ukraine Executive Committee, which was formed by the G7 countries, in the middle of which representatives from the Ukrainian government and international financial institutions.

In the statement, it was stated that the representatives discussed the urgent financing needs of Ukraine, as well as the harmonization of the country’s future economic recovery and rebuilding efforts, and it was noted that a commitment was made to work jointly with the relevant Ukrainian authorities to identify the needs in this context.

In the statement, it was emphasized that necessary reinforcements will be provided to stabilize the Ukrainian economy and ensure a sustainable recovery, while the economic reform agenda of the Ukrainian government was appreciated.

In the statement that Pyle thanked Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko, European Council official Gert Jan Koopman and Japan for their contributions, it was announced that the next meeting would be held in March.