Resistance will take its first duty in February.

It has been reported that the underwater construction ship “Mukavemet”, which will serve in gas transportation works in the Black Sea, will be on its first mission in February.

It has been reported that the last member of Turkey’s power fleet, “Strength”, will go on its first mission in February.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, it was noted that the works to bring the 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea to land continue at full speed.

In this context, it was stated that besides the pipes that will carry the gas from the Sakarya Gas Field to the Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility, huge equipment takes its place in the depths of the Black Sea, and that approximately 10 thousand people and more than 50 ships carry out missions in the operations.

The statement included the following terms:

“This power fleet, which is found in only 5 countries in the world, is gaining strength every day. The last of these is the Resistance. The ship, named after the Turkish Resistance Organization, is anchored in Filyos Port. The Resistance, which is an underwater construction ship, is mostly used in water. underMore than 2 underwater robots can be operated simultaneously on the ship, which is approximately 100 meters long and 21 meters wide.”

Processes on the seafloor will be done with “Strength”

Minister of Power and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, whose views were included in the statement, underlined that the efforts continue uninterruptedly to bring Black Sea gas to the citizens.

Dönmez said, “This ship has cranes equipped to place heavy tonnage equipment on the seabed. One is 150 and the other is 40 tons. Again, an underwater platform for underwater robots. “We are doing the operations at a depth of 2,200 meters from a distance over the ships. It is as if with the precision of a surgeon, these operators and engineers have become able to carry out these processes on the ship without human touch,” he said.

Melih Han Alım, Leader and General Manager of the Board of Directors of Turkish Petroleum Corporation, pointed out that the most valuable pages of the history of Turkish power were written in the Black Sea and Filyos, and said:

“We are very lucky to witness such a valuable event and to be in it. Yes, our work is difficult. We have left most of it behind. We are now in the last weeks. Our groups write an epic day and night in the field. We have a word, we have sworn. We will either succeed or we will succeed in this.”