Riot Games has been hacked! Source codes leaked

Riot Games announced that it was hacked and the source codes of two games were leaked. Here are the details…

Riot Games, one of the most popular game companies in the world, has recently been exposed to a cyber attack. Making a statement in the past minutes, the company announced that the source codes of the two games were seized.

League of Legends source codes leaked!

Riot Games recently announced that they were attacked by a serious cyber attack with a status sharing on Twitter. The company even stated that they could not access the security systems in their games for a while. They also noted that they would share when there was a new development.

Riot Games announced today on its official Twitter account; He announced that the source codes of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics games, as well as an obsolete anti-cheat software, were leaked.

The company announced that they could not find any finding that the personal information of the players was stolen and they continue to investigate. On the other hand, hackers reached Riot Games via e-mail and demanded a ransom for their source code. But the company said it denied it.

The seizure of source codes may weaken the anti-cheat software in the game and therefore increase the number of cheats. The company stated that they will send an update as soon as possible if necessary.

Prototypes of new game modes have been captured!

According to the information shared by Riot Games, prototypes made for experimental purposes are among the leaked ones, along with the modes and features that will be newly added to the games. It is unclear whether these will be released for players.

The company announced that the security unit and world-renowned cybersecurity advisors are still working on the leak. On the other hand, it was stated that necessary institutions were applied to find the hacker group behind the attack.

Riot Games will provide a more detailed report on the attack soon. This report will also include steps taken to resolve vulnerabilities in games. However, the company estimates that the work will be completed within this week. It will be announced soon whether the leak will affect other games as well.

Updates for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and even VALORANT may be delayed for a while. Some players are complaining that the servers cannot be accessed or even the Riot Games Launcher is not opening.

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