Riot Games is under cyber attack! Patches may be affected

Riot Games, which made a statement on Twitter, announced that they were hacked last week. Here are the details of the news…

Riot Games, which has recently laid off approximately 46 employees, is also active in our country. Now, the company has come up with news that may upset Valorant and League of Legends players. So much so that the company experienced earlier this week. security breach due to new patches may be delayed. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Riot Games hacked: patches may be delayed!

Sharing this situation with a tweet Riot Games announced that they suffered a cyber attack earlier this week and their security systems were taken away for a while. Company, Any player of your dataand your personal information He said they could not find any indication that he had been captured. The studio also promised to instantly share the information they get.

Also, the company said that the upcoming patch of the popular League of Legends game may be delayed. This patch last week on January 25the company that decides to publish, Ahri’s artwork It may delay it to the February update. Andrei van Roon, president of Riot’s League Studio, “Anything that can happen in 13.2 will not be cancelled. Things that cannot be fixed (like artwork) will be postponed to the next update.”used the phrases.

Here’s Riot Games’ full statement:

“Earlier this week, systems in our development environment were compromised by a cyberattack. We don’t have all the answers at this time, but we wanted to contact you early and let you know that there are no indications that player data or personal information has been compromised. Unfortunately, this has temporarily impacted our ability to publish content. Our teams are working very hard to rectify this situation. We expect this to impact our upcoming patch pace across multiple games.”

So what do you think about this news? Do you think Riot Games will be able to fix this situation? Do not forget to share your views with us in the Comments section.