Ripple Announces its 2022 Fourth Quarter Report

In its quarterly report, Ripple (XRP) talked about selling $226 million in XRP as a company and XRP Ledger (XRPL) growth.

Ripple ( XRP) in the quarterly report, as a company $226 million in XRPand XRP Ledger ( XRPL) talked about his growth.

Blockchain and technology company Ripple, XRPoriented towards Announced its 2022 fourth quarter report . The company drew attention with its XRP sales this quarter as well. The published report was presented to the public in terms of quarterly XRP sales and related announcements. Ripple in the fourth quarter It sold about $226 million in XRP.

Ripple Sold $226 Million XRP

Regularly within the scope of company expenditures and initiatives XRPmaking the sale Ripple, in the fourth quarter It sold $226 million worth of XRP.

The company underlined that it has published a report for transparency and to announce regular updates. The company behind XRP also mentioned many developments in its report.

RippleCrypto-enabled cross-border payment solution launched in France Sweden and Africa ODLwith about He stated that he served in 40 payment markets. . In addition, the company in the previous quarter While selling close to $310 million in XRP, this quarter It sold $226 million in XRP.

Focusing on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) side, the company has developed a platform in Devnet, which enables DeFi applications to be launched easily. XRPLEthereum Virtual Machine for ( EVM) released the first phase of its side chain.

XRPLin activity of approximately 130 millionthat the transaction took place and 365 thousand XRPIt was stated that he was burned.