Sales of Mercedes-Benz and BMW fell last year

Car sales of German automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz fell 1 percent last year due to Covid-19 restrictions, semiconductor and logistics bottlenecks. BMW’s sales also fell by 4.8 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year.

According to the statement made by Mercedes-Benz, the company’s car sales decreased by 1 percent compared to 2021 last year and fell to 2 million 55 thousand.

The company’s light commercial vehicle sales (vans) increased by 4 percent to 411 thousand in the period in question.

While its sales in China, the largest market of the German luxury car manufacturer, decreased by 1 percent to 751,700 last year, it was noteworthy that its sales in Europe increased by 1 percent to 635 thousand. In the US, sales rose 4 percent to 286,600.

The German manufacturer’s battery electric vehicle sales increased by 124 percent last year, reaching 117,800.

In the middle, the sales of Germany’s other luxury car manufacturer BMW also fell to 2.44 million in 2022, down 4.8 percent compared to the previous year.