Samsung gears up for One UI 5.1!

The fast player of Android 13, Samsung is also confident in the distribution of One UI 5.1. Here are the details…

Being one of the most important names in the Android world, Samsung is one of the names that keep their hands on Android 13 the fastest. The company quickly deployed One UI 5.0 to many flagship and mid-range models.

Samsung will deploy One UI 5.1 much faster

Samsung will say hello to the One UI 5.1 version with the Galaxy S23 series. The company works hard especially in the software department. The company, which started to distribute much faster than its competitors, will increase its speed in One UI 5.1 distribution compared to its predecessor.

Of course, it will be easier for the company to move the models that meet Android 13 to a new version. However, it is among the information that Samsung will work more intensively without a break for the One UI 5.1 distribution. On the other hand, the features of the One UI 5.1 version are also emerging.

New features expected to come with One UI 5.1;

  • Shared family photo and video album
  • Enhanced automatic photo processing with shadow and reflection removal
  • Swiping up a photo opens a panel with detailed information about the photo
  • Gallery search will get better and more functional
  • Ability to choose a folder to store screenshots
  • You can use AR Emoji Camera for three people in photo and video.
  • Brushes for AR Scribbles are available on the home screen
  • New battery and new weather widget
  • Faster access to Expert RAW in-camera mode
  • An easier way to change skin tone for selfies
  • Advanced Pairing Options for Samsung Smartphones and Laptops
  • Enhanced DeX multitasking
  • Improved local browser search
  • Faster initial smartphone setup
  • Bixby text searches
  • Ability to set different desktop wallpapers for different operating modes
  • Additional conditions when creating scripts
  • Sharing Samsung Notes
  • Albums, notes, calendar, etc. More useful interface to add users to share list for