Samsung Turkey Realizes a First in the Field of Digital Art

Samsung Turkey breaks new ground with the dART Platform, a digital art exhibition in 11 cities and 26 different locations.

Samsung Turkey, in 11 provincesand 26 differentdigital art exhibition in the location dartsIt is breaking new ground with its platform.

Continuing its support to the development of digital art with all its might, Samsung is the founder of dART Digital Art Platformwill make another first with. dART Platformwill come to life with a simultaneous digital art exhibition in different cities of Turkey. Samsungto digital art and NFTIt offers its service with a platform open to everyone who is interested in technology.

Samsung Turkey draws attention with its dART Platform

Samsung Turkeywill bring digital art together with people in many cities of Turkey. darts platformtechnology company that aims to spread art with Forum Istanbul AVMlaunched for the first digital art exhibition opened to visitors at the Samsung Store in .

Digital exhibition to be held simultaneously in different cities and different regions of Turkey, January 12with February 12will be open to all.

The exhibition simultaneously Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir, Adana, Kayseri, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Mugla ( Basement), Hatayand Antalya will take place in. Also in this exhibition, the works of Turkey’s leading figures in this field will be exhibited. Peace pumpkin, Berk kaan Rock, Berk Dirt, Fuat Miller, Hakan Yilmaz, Crescent Ozdemir, luck Urgentand Clover Black eyebrows A total of 9 works of art will be brought together with art lovers. These works darts platformwill also be published on the website.

Samsung Turkey Contributes to the Creation and Exhibition of Digital Art

Samsung ElectronicsTurkey Corporate Marketing Director Sibel Hur, darts platformmade statements about

darts platformWe are happy with the realization of digital exhibitions with Free, said:

“As Samsung, we continue our work on the dART Digital Art Platform, which we launched to contribute to the development of digital art in Turkey, without slowing down. On this path we set out to support young artists and digital art in Turkey, we aim to bring digital art to different provinces of Turkey with exhibitions under our platform. In this direction, we opened the digital art exhibition held in different cities of Turkey with the participation of our dART Expert Board Members Devrim Danyal and Hakan Yılmaz, as well as our Digital Arts Curator Esra Özkan, as of January 12. At the same time, we play an important role in displaying and creating digital art with our Samsung Frame TV and Galaxy Tab S8 devices in our selected stores in 11 cities. As Samsung, we are leading the way for everyone to experience digital art, and we offer the opportunity to create these works with our state-of-the-art devices.”

Samsung ElectronicsTurkey Corporate Marketing Director Sibel Hur

darts Digital Art PlatformExpert Board Member Revolution Daniel, mentioned the importance of digital art in this period when technology is developing. Daniel, expressed that in the days when the lives returned to the screens, they expanded the dimensions even more.

Moreover Daniel, “It is of great importance that the dART Digital Art Platform, implemented by Samsung, presents such a comprehensive digital art exhibition across Turkey.”said. Danielstated that he was happy to be involved in such an activity.

digital art and dART Platform managed to enter the radar of many art lovers. Mentioning that digital art has started a new era, dART Digital Art PlatformExpert Board Member Hakan Yilmaz, said:

“Digital art has ceased to be an experimental art space. As you can see, it is now being carried into our homes, workplaces and everywhere. I was also very happy to realize such an important digital exhibition under the leadership of Samsung. On this occasion, I am very pleased to contribute to the journey of digital art in our country and to be among the members of the dART Expert Board.”

dART Platform Has Received 5 Million Visits Since Its Founding

past Mayimplemented in the month dART Platform, since then approximately 5 millionvisited by people.

The intense interest shown by art lovers led to the platform’s growth. Digital Arts Curator who touched on this topic Esra Ozkan, “With the growing structure and scope of our platform, we are pleased to continue to contribute to the dissemination and development of digital art to a wider audience.” said.

Ozkanalso underlined that they will visit Turkey’s leading digital artists within the scope of the platform. Ozkanstated that they want to bring the platform together with young people who are interested in digital art.

Ozkan, also said:

“Our platform, which will be a living and constantly updated information source with its YouTube chat series, will also bring together artists and venues and provide an environment for the exhibition of works. With an innovative perspective that brings technology and art together, we will continue to bring together young artists and everyone who has devoted themselves to digital art, and to offer an environment for the exhibition of their works.”

The platform, which emerged to contribute to digital art and artists in Turkey, continues to work with its expert staff. Within the scope of the platform, collaborations are also carried out with universities.

digital artand NFTwith glossary services dART Platform, approximately 5 million came to the fore with the reach of the visitor. In this context, the platform 5.5 millionover the show and to 5 millionshowed close monitoring performance.

In addition, in the upcoming period, studio visits for leading digital artists and dART Talksnamed YouTubechat series will also be available.