satisfaction in marriage


In the middle of the variables that are valuable in determining marital satisfaction, there are factors such as depression, satisfaction and spiritual fitness. It is known that depressive symptoms affect marital satisfaction adversely, and marital satisfaction increases if depressive symptoms decrease. It is highly valuable for married couples to meet their expectations from their marriage and to be satisfied with their marriage so that they can be more satisfied with their care. In this respect, it is thought that the problems experienced by the couples in their marriage may affect their marital satisfaction and they may be unhappy.

Researchers have been examining the role of marital ties on fitness for years. Although being married generally makes individuals enjoyable, the quality of marriage appears to be a valuable factor in being enjoyable. On the other hand, if the marriage connection goes bad, individuals can be unhappy. Thus, in determining marital satisfaction, the quality of the marital relationship and the satisfaction obtained from marriage and the harmony between the spouses gain value. One of the variables that is thought to have a valuable effect on the mental well-being of married individuals is marital satisfaction. It has been proven as a result of studies that people with high levels of spiritual well-being have more marital satisfaction and feel more pleasant in their connections.

In a study conducted; The effects of depression, satisfaction, psychological well-being and duration of premarital contact on marital satisfaction were investigated. A positive relationship was found between satisfaction and marital satisfaction. In this case, it can be thought that individuals with a high level of satisfaction will have high marital satisfaction. This situation shows us that with the increase of happiness, marital satisfaction will increase. Feeling pleasant and doing activities that satisfy oneself also contributed positively to his marriage. Another variable that is thought to be effective in marital satisfaction is the duration of marriage. In addition to studies stating that the duration of marriage has a significant effect on marital satisfaction, studies indicating that there is no relationship between the period of marriage and the middle of the marital satisfaction have been examined, and it has been observed that the effect of the time of marriage and the time of meeting before marriage on the marital satisfaction levels of women and men is not significant. It has been proven as a result of studies that the spiritual beauty of couples has a significant effect on marital satisfaction and increases marital satisfaction scores. The fact that married couples receive spiritual reinforcement has also made valuable contributions to their marriage.

As a result, in order to increase marital satisfaction; Spending quality time together, valuing each other and being understanding increase their marital satisfaction. Feeling psychologically competent, getting help if necessary, participating in activities that will make them feel good, and acquiring a hobby both increase their own satisfaction levels and make positive contributions in their relations with their spouses.