‘Secret document’ found in former Deputy Leader Pence

State “secret documents” found at former US Vice President Mike Pence’s residence in Indiana.

In a letter written by Greg Jacob, attorney of former US Vice President Mike Pence, to National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) official Kate Dillon McClure, Pence, who carried out the mission of vice-leader during the period of former President Donald Trump in 2017-2021, said that Pence is in Indiana’s state. He said that during the search of his residence in Istanbul, “a small number” of internal documents were found.

Jacob shared the information that Pence, as a precaution, hired a lawyer to examine his residence on January 16, following the emergence of closed documents at the residence and office of US Leader Joe Biden. Stating that the lawyer found few documents containing potentially “sensitive and confidential” information, Jacob stated that the lawyer did not look at the contents of these documents and immediately contacted the National Archives.

Sharing the information that the documents labeled “confidential” may have been “accidentally put in boxes” and taken to Pence’s personal residence in the last period of his vice-leadership, Jacob noted that he was unaware of the existence of these documents in the former deputy leader’s residence.

Jacob stated that Pence places high value on the preservation of implied documents and is open to cooperating with the National Archives in this context.