Seven Metaverse Projects with Ascension Potential (Sponsored)

The crypto bear market we are in has hit the markets hard in 2022 and it can be difficult to know where to invest in this environment.

The crypto bear market we are in has hit the markets hard in 2022 and it can be difficult to know where to invest in this environment.

With prices generally at low levels, now might be the perfect time to start growing investment portfolios again. From new projects to the most potential metaverse projects that have hit the top of the bear market, there are plenty of opportunities to be found in 2023 for anyone looking for investment metaverse projects.

Seven Metaverse Projects

This article examines the following seven most potential metaverse projects with long-term earnings potential in 2023:

  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • Axie Infinity (AXS)
  • The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Ertha (ERTHA)
  • Wizardia (WZRD)
  • Solace (SLC)

1. Metacade (MCADE) – Every aspect of 2023’s potential metaverse projects

is an innovative metaverse project that will revolutionize the world of “play-to-earn” (P2E: Play-to-earn) games powered by the blockchain. It is a community platform where players can spend time and connect with other crypto game enthusiasts while discovering fun P2E games. Users have several opportunities to earn money outside of gaming with nice rewards available to players who interact with the hub by sharing alpha and gameplay tips, writing game reviews and generating feedback for new titles on the platform.

The platform aims to engage the most passionate GameFi fans and contribute to reaching the forefront of the metaverse gaming movement. To achieve this, Metacade has other ways to generate passive income. For example, the Compete2Earn (Race to Win) function allows players to deposit MCADE tokens to participate in online tournaments and regular prize draws. On the other hand, from Q1 2024, the platform’s job board will host the most exciting Web3 and GameFi career opportunities as part of the Work2Earn (Work to Win) program.

To help develop new capabilities, in the third quarter of 2023, the platform will launch its first Metagrant, a crypto funding source that can be used to support the development of new Metacade-exclusive games. Developers submit proposals that are open to community-wide voting, and the project with the most votes receives a grant from the central Metacade treasury. In this way, only the games that Metacade users want to play are made, while the platform encourages and develops new developer talents.

These features are financed from multiple internal and external sources. Internally, the platform will use MCADE tokens that users deposit to participate in tournaments and prize draws. At the same time, external revenue streams are created by selling ad space, funding from other companies for hosting their games, and charging companies to post job postings in the career centre.

Metacade’s main goal is to evolve into a fully self-contained decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The transition will begin in the second quarter of 2023 and will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. Governance and future plans will belong to the democratically governed community, while community members assume all critical roles. In order to ensure the quality of governance and security, no transaction will be carried out without the approval of more than one treasury official.

While experts predict that the early investment wave obtained during the pre-sale will continue after Metacade has started to be traded in DEXs, Metacade is shown among the most potential metaverse projects with long-term potential to invest in.

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2. Decentraland (MANA) – virtual metaverse real estate platform with potential for 2023

Decentraland is a well-established metaverse project that has been growing stronger since it was founded in 2020. The platform is an independent metaverse where MANA coin holders can purchase decentralized plots within a virtual world.

Once these lands are purchased, they become LAND tokens that users can decide what to do. They can build games or services on the plots, buy more LAND tokens to create a PROPERTY, effectively build a portfolio of virtual properties, and buy, sell or trade digital real estate across the universe. The price of each plot is determined by variables such as location and neighbors, just like real-world real estate. For example, buying a plot of land near a plot of land owned by JP Morgan costs much more than buying a virtual plot in a rural area.

The appeal of the platform lies in the freedom for users to choose how they customize their virtual terrain. If they want to build a gaming experience and charge other users to play games, this is possible. Likewise, they can use their land to hold virtual business meetings.

Decentraland came to the fore as users began to question the value of expensive parcels of land. 2023 plans include the release of SDK 7, which will significantly improve the usability and performance of the platform, while a new DCL editor is scheduled to be released by Q2 2023 to improve the multiplayer experience. With Oculus VR support predicted for 2023, Decentraland may continue to be one of the most potential metaverse projects.

This will also be reflected in the price of MANA tokens in 2023, which will experience a strong recovery compared to its current low price.

3. Axie Infinity (AXS) – Metaverse-based PVP game

Anyone familiar with the Pokemon Go craze from a few years ago won’t need the introduction of Axie Infinity. This blockchain-based video game released by Sky Studios combines the P2E technology available in the metaverse with the rich gaming experience of Pokemon Go.

Users use the local currency AXS token to buy, sell and trade characters known as Axies. These Axies can be trained, equipped, and upgraded to improve their abilities and fight in battles against other users. Winners receive rewards that can be exchanged to improve their Axie’s combat ability or purchase new characters.

While AXS is not immune to the current bear market conditions affecting the crypto markets, the coin’s value is relatively good compared to competing tokens. This, along with the loyal user base that Axie Infinity has built up over the last few years, has made the platform a reputation as one of the leading metaverse blockchain projects in the market. This has helped make AXS an ideal long-term investment option for crypto fans.

4. The Sandbox (SAND) – simple game production platform with potential for 2023

Offering a service similar to Decentraland, Sandbox will be familiar to crypto users who are familiar with other sandbox games like Roblox and Minecraft. Users can use the SAND token to purchase plots of land that they can use using the platform’s three integrated construction tools.

3D objects and animations can be created and uploaded to Sandbox’s virtual marketplace and offered for sale here, or users can use the simple, intuitive and code-free plug-and-play game creator to create 3D games. Warner Music’s music-themed virtual amusement park is a prime example of the latter model.

While SAND has experienced significant price drops during the 2022 crypto crash, there is plenty of reassurance for investors seeking long-term potential. Sandbox is the largest metaverse real estate platform, owning 62% of all publicly traded metaverse lands.

While the metaverse real estate sector is expected to grow 31% annually between 2022 and 2028 and generate more than $800 billion in revenue, recent price fluctuations represent a correction rather than a loss of confidence in metaverse real estate or Sandbox.

Attracting big names like Kingsley Coman, Snoop Dogg, Adidas and Gucci and with more than 165,000 stand-alone parcels to choose from, Sandbox’s future makes it an excellent long-term investment option and one of the metaverse projects with potential for 2023.

5. Ertha (ERTHA) – Metaverse world builder with stories

At first glance, Ertha looks like another virtual world builder along similar lines to Decentraland and Sandbox, but that can be misleading. Although this blockchain-based virtual world is a metaverse where users can build and create virtual plots of land, Ertha has added a plot-based storytelling to its offerings to attract users.

In the wake of a climate apocalypse, humanity is on the verge of extinction and users must rebuild the world. This plot has caught the attention of curious crypto metaverse players and is scheduled to advance in 2023.

The local currency ERTHA token is the basis of all activities on the platform and allows users to trade, produce and trade. ERTHA looks set to have a bright future in 2023 and beyond, with a storyline that will appeal to users and the potential for developers to occasionally make flips that will excite users.

While ERTHA’s launch date is somewhat unfortunate (just before the crypto market crash), its low price and exciting future make Ertha a reasonable and attractive long-term metaverse investment opportunity.

6. Wizardia (WZRD) – Metaverse fantasy RPG

Wizardia is a role-playing (RPG) blockchain game that uses a plot to add depth to players’ gaming experiences. The aim of the game is for users to create a character, level it up and equip it with the best equipment to turn it into a perfect mage.

The game is visually engaging and brimming with a variety of “player versus player” and “player versus fun battles” that test players’ skills and strategies to win and climb the NFT leaderboard.

Wizardia offers players a goal-based virtual world that aims to engage players through character and plot development. In addition, users use the WZRD token to buy, sell and trade their avatars, upgrade their characters and equipment, and get P2E (Play to Win) opportunities through online tournaments.

Wizardia’s reputation as the most potential metaverse-based fantasy RPG looks set to continue into 2023 and beyond, as the platform’s development team works relentlessly to produce new features and add new wizards to the platform that enhance the gameplay experience. Indeed, future plans include joint tournaments and prize games against players from other GameFi projects.

7. Solice (SLC) – Metaverse virtual reality gaming platform

Solice is a Solana-blockchain-based virtual reality gaming platform that allows users to experience some of the P2E games with VR technology on the metaverse. While the platform’s predecessors are similar to other virtual world builders like Decentraland and The Sandbox, its focus on the VR headset sets it apart from its more well-known peers.

Lands are purchased using the native SLC token, allowing users to build and create structures before playing and socializing with other Solice users. The internal market of the platform functions as a medium where users buy and sell virtual goods with the income they earn through gaming.

The VR feature sets Solice apart from its competitors, allowing users to have a much more immersive experience inside the 3D world. Social interactions feel more personal with 3D avatars communicating with each other just like in the real world.

While this is an exciting metaverse development that looks like it will be at the forefront of leading VR development in blockchain games, a VR headset is needed to get the most out of the virtual world.

As the affinity for VR will increase further in the coming years, Solice looks set to be one of the most potential metaverse projects and a strong long-term investment option in the coming years.

Metacade is a 2023 metaverse project with long-term potential

The future of Metaverse projects is getting big as we move towards 2023 with several exciting long-term projects offering excellent long-term potential for investors.

One of the potential metaverse projects is Metacade. The GameFi industry’s volume will double by 2025, and Metacade looks set to reap the benefits with its solid roadmap to 2023. With the beta pre-sale sold out in three weeks and more than $1.3 million in revenue in the process, thousands of investors have already joined the Metacade caravan.

While MCADE tokens are offered for sale at $ 0.01 in the first stage, big gains can be made when they reach $ 0.02 at the end of the last pre-sale stage.

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