Shell will continue its investments in Turkey in its second 100 years

Shell Turkey Country Leader Ahmet Fazilet, who said, “2023, in which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic with great enthusiasm, is also the 100th anniversary of Shell’s start of operations in our country”, added that in the second 100 years, the activities and…

Spherical energy company Shell is celebrating the centennial of its establishment in Turkey. topical At the meeting held in Istanbul, the company’s activities in Turkey, Turkey Republic It was emphasized that he was the same age as i . Competence in the field of hydrocarbon resources and In recent years, it has focused on R&D studies on green technologies. most Shell Turkey Country Leader Ahmet Fazilet said that Shell continues with its 1,150 stations across Turkey, its mineral oil and grease production facility exporting to 68 countries, its extensive activities in hydrocarbon exploration, electricity, natural gas, aviation, maritime and chemistry. We are determined to produce for Turkey in our second century, to add strength to the development of our country, and to be ‘always ahead’ on this path, as we have done so far”.

Base hydrocarbon, intent net zero emissions

On the other hand, it was emphasized at the meeting that Shell is trying to become a net zero emission power company by 2050. The company operating on the basis of hydrocarbon resources The question is how much investment it plans to invest in green power in Turkey, where it enters its second 100th year of operation. while they remain unanswered The information that Shell, which has installed a 950 kW roof solar power system at the Mineral Oil Facility in Derince, also supplies electricity to 38 stations from the sun today, and aims to increase the number of Shell stations that receive their power from the sun to 200 by the end of 2023. I given.

600+ high-speed chargers in 400 locations

Shell, T. ogg Fazilet mentioned that the strategic cooperation with Trugo company, which offers electric vehicle charging solutions, is valuable for Turkey’s economic and environmental development, and said, “Within the scope of our cooperation, as TOGG Trugo and Shell & Turcas, all electric vehicles with chargers over 180 kWh in 81 provinces. We will work together to serve its users. We will install more than 600 high-speed chargers in 400 locations. We will use 100 percent renewable power source in devices. Thanks to the high-speed charging network that will be accessible to all electric vehicle owners in Turkey, users’ range concerns will also be eliminated. gave the information.

Female power rises at Shell

S Ahmet Fazilet mentioned that Hell does not limit the services it offers to Turkey to commercial activities. S Ranked first in the sector with ‘Woman Energy in Shell’ until 2023 thousand We set out 5 years ago with the word of creating employment for women. Now before completing the 5th year thousand We created employment for more than 800 women and started a great transformation for our branch and our country” said.

Some Erdem added that only women work at the stations.