SHIB Is On The Rise, What’s Happening?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) started the day with a 22 percent rise following the news of the Shibarium network.

Shiba Inu ( SHIB), shibariumthe day after the news of the network 22 percentIt started with a rise.

Ethereumstrong wallets called whales, shiba inu stands out for his interest in the project. Especially shibariumthe news about the falling and SHIB The burning agenda about the issue whetted the appetite of the whales. Popular cryptocurrency, about the day 22 percent It started with a rise. The main source of this rise has been the upcoming Layer-2 network.

SHIB Chart Analysis, Will Uptrend Continue?

Shiba Inu ( SHIB ), is spending the day with an increase of 22 percent. The cryptocurrency, which is among the top risers, has started to gain momentum with the upcoming launch of the Shibarium network.

Ethereumwhales, in large quantities SHIBThey whetted their appetite. on-chainAccording to the data, in the wallets of the first thousand Ethereum whales 161million dollar SHIBis located.

According to the news in the past days, Shibarium has signaled that it will burn SHIB with the revenues from its network activities. The team focused on creating an incineration portal for this incineration system. The impact of this news also caught the attention of the Shiba community.

This rise of the popular cryptocurrency could be happening with the impact of the news and the upcoming launch.

able to break the resistance at the short point SHIBexacerbated the bullish candle. 0.000011cryptocurrency exceeding the dollar level, 0.00001292He threw a needle up to the dollar level.

The popular cryptocurrency has the potential to continue its rise with the impact of whales and news. In case of a possible rise, SHIBfor 0.00001520 The resistance point at the dollar level is of great importance. If this resistance point is broken, the uptrend can continue.

On the other hand SHIB, with previous resistance 0.000011 It made the dollar level a support point. This level can be visited for possible sales pressure and correction. If this support point is broken, SHIBfor 0.00001049dollar level can be of great importance.

If the market returns to the bearish trend again, SHIB It is very important for these short support levels to stay strong. If these points are broken SHIB, 0.000090may want to visit the dollar level.