Shock from Apple to screen suppliers! 2024 will be the turning point

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple will start producing its own displays very soon. Here are the details!

appleproducts used componentswith many companies cooperation doing. For example, the screens used in the company’s iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and Mac lineup Samsung, BOEand LG produced by companies such as Nowadays SamsungThe US company, which has started to gradually end its screen partnership with the company, will begin to pull its own rope in the coming years.

Apple will start producing its own screens

A recent report revealed that the home screen supplier of the standard and Plus models of the upcoming iPhone 15 series is BOE with 70 percent. At this point, the partnership between Apple and Samsung began to end slowly. A new report from Bloomberg today claimed that the US-based firm will soon begin manufacturing its own screens.

Shock from Apple to screen suppliers! 2024 will be the turning point

Of course, this will not happen overnight. Because the report is the company’s earliest of the year 2024towards the end top It says that it will start offering its own panels to users with high-level Apple Watch models. In fact, at this point, it is highly likely that micro LED screens will come instead of the existing OLED panels.

Apple’s efforts to develop its own display were first 2018 appeared in . Even the firm 2020 It was expected to introduce its own production screens in , but was delayed due to development costs and technical difficulties. However, it seems that the company does not want to wait any longer for the display and aims to minimize reliance on display suppliers, namely third-party companies, in a few years.

Bloomberg’s report says that the company’s work to produce its own screens is one of the most critical projects. There is also a lack of mass production of the new screens, which are currently being tested on the Apple Watch Ultra at its facilities in Santa Clara, California. getting help from the supplier Waiting. If this happens, it will first appear on Apple Watch models and later on in a few years. iPhoneApple screens will begin to appear in products such as

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