Should Chemotherapy Be Applied in All Breast Cancer Cases?

Bilim Sıhhat News Agency’s (BSHA) ‘What kind of treatment is applied in cancer types detected at an early stage? detected in the first or zeroth phase

Bilim Sıhhat News Agency’s (BSHA) ‘What kind of treatment is applied in cancer types detected at an early stage? Is chemotherapy application necessary in cancer types detected in the first or zero stage?’ Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Retired Lecturer Prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam replied. Saydam made valuable statements about chemotherapy applications in breast cancer cases and whether chemotherapy should be applied in the first stage.

February 4, World Cancer Day, is a day in which awareness studies and social projects are carried out on cancer in the international arena. The disruptions in the scanning area during the Covid-19 Pandemic process caused the cancerous events to be detected at a late stage. General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam made valuable statements to BSHA on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer on February 4, World Cancer Day. Pointing out that Turkey is in the middle of developed countries in terms of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, Prof. Dr. Saydam emphasized that there is a gap between East and West in terms of awareness. He pointed out that it would be valuable to carry out studies in provinces and regions with low awareness of cancer and breast cancer in this regard.

prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam; He said that chemotherapy is not applied in breast cancer cases detected in early stage, zero stage in our country.

“Chemotherapy Is Not Applied To Every Patient Diagnosed With Breast Cancer”

Is chemotherapy necessary for every patient diagnosed with breast cancer? Stating that the answer to the question would be ‘no’, General Surgeon Prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam said that chemotherapy is unnecessary in patients who do not have the potential to spread to the axillary lymph nodes, where the cancer caught in the milk ducts from the very beginning. In addition, he underlined that there would be no need for chemotherapy in patients with tumors of 5 mm or less in slow progressing tumor types.

Conditions That Need Chemotherapy

Distant organ metastases of chemotherapy; For example, in patients with lung, liver and bone metastases, Prof. Dr. Saydam said: “Inevitably, chemotherapy is applied along with other treatments in these patients. Because it is our most valuable weapon. The most valuable development in the treatment of breast cancer today is the determination of tumor types on a molecular basis. Today, we primarily apply chemotherapy to some of the patients we started with surgery. The reasons for this are to see whether the tumor will benefit from chemotherapy, if possible, to remove the tumor completely, to obtain information about the future and life of the patient. And some cases after chemotherapy in cases that are not suitable for breast-protective surgery; The patient’s chest has become protected. Today, the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast cancer is mammography and ultrasonography. However, in some cases, in cases where the breast tissue is heavy, MRI comes into play. And today we can quickly detect additional lesions that we could not detect before.”

“Breast Cancer Occurs 1 In 300 Thousand In The Middle Ages 20-30”

Underlining that breast cancer occurs naturally in women at a young age, it will rarely happen. Dr. Serdar Saydam said, “Basically, breast cancer is a disease of old age. Although such incidents are more common in centers that treat breast cancer, is it because of the increase in cancer, or is it because of awareness? It is difficult to give a clear answer to this. Of course, environmental factors are also a factor in this. There is no single factor, many factors are in the middle. We can catch breast cancer events at an earlier age. For example, the youngest patient I saw was a 24-year-old breast cancer case. While breast cancer is seen in 1 in 300 thousand women in the middle of the age of 20-30, the risk of breast cancer in women living up to the age of 85 changes in the middle of 8-10 percent.

We Are Ahead in Diagnosis and Treatment, We Are Behind in Awareness!

Noting that Turkey is at the level of developed countries in the treatment of breast cancer, Prof. Saydam, “The most advanced, the most advanced modern methods to be applied from diagnosis to treatment can be easily applied in our country,” said General Surgeon Prof. Dr. He pointed out that there are regional differences in transparent awareness in the country. While Turkey competes with developed countries in modern medical technology, it still lags behind in awareness of breast cancer or other types of cancer. Asked for his opinion on this contradiction, Saydam said, “There is a difference in breast cancer awareness in our country, in the middle of the west and east. In the West, awareness is greater in the middle of women. However, in the East, unfortunately, we catch breast cancer at later stages.”

“There Is Perception That Mammography Causes Cancer!”

prof. Dr. Serdar Saydam said that there is a perception that ‘mammography causes cancer’ in the East and West against the mammography imaging technique, which is the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast cancer, and said: “There are concerns that mammography causes cancer in both Western and Eastern regions. The radiation received in mammography is very small. The radiation that people receive from computers and televisions is much higher. They don’t need to be afraid. Everything achieved in life has a price. For example, if you don’t want to buy the risk of a traffic accident, you can walk everywhere you go. However, they can also hit pedestrians on the pavement. Another example is when you are undergoing an operation, you are receiving anesthesia. You are buying the risk of anesthesia. Are you going to be operated alive? That’s not possible either? In short, mammography screening is quite valuable in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Do not be afraid, do not delay your mammography inspections!”

Angelina Jolie, the most exemplary artist in the world in terms of breast cancer awareness, had her breast removed by taking precautions to reduce the risk of developing cancer due to her family having breast cancer.

The Example of ‘Angelina Jolie’ in Raising Awareness

Noting that social media is a very effective tool for breast cancer awareness today, Prof. Dr. Saydam, “Social media and some patients, for example; Patients like Angelina Jolie have more contributions to raise awareness of breast cancer. Awareness brings early diagnosis. Early detection also saves lives. When appropriate treatments are applied in breast cancer in patients with stage zero, which are recognized at the beginning, there are almost no patients who die. These rates vary according to the stage,” he said.

What is Agelina Jolie Awareness in Breast Cancer?

American Actress Angelina Jolie had both her breasts removed in 2013 and her ovaries in early 2015 because she had a family history of breast cancer, and she drew attention to the issue of breast cancer with these surgeries. While Jolie’s surgeries caused controversy in the world, she was taken as an example by many women against the risk of cancer. In this sense, Jolie had created a worldwide awareness about breast cancer and diagnostic tests, genetic testing. (BSHA-Science and Health News Agency)