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Smartphone from Coca-Cola! The design has leaked

Coca-Cola branded smartphone is coming. The first allegations that have surfaced show that the beverage giant has agreed with a popular producer.

Popular beverage company Coca Cola , may have started working on their own smartphone model. It has been reported that the company is in talks for its new smartphone, which it plans to offer in certain markets. Some sources even leaked the design of the first smartphone.

How will the Coca-Cola branded smartphone be?

According to new claims emerging in India, Coca-Cola is collaborating with a popular smartphone brand to produce its own device. The first images of the smartphone, which is said to come with the name Coca Cola, became viral on social media.

According to the details shared by Mukul Sharma, the name of the production partner was not shared. However, the design of the phone points to Realme’s mid-segment models. The Coca Cola branded smartphone features a large logo on the right side of its back panel. device, dual camera setupWe see you have it.

It was reported that the first smartphone with the Coca-Cola brand was developed to adapt to the company’s theme. In other words, both its accessories and the operating system interface will draw attention to Coca-Cola’s red. Official confirmation of the partnership and device launch are expected to be announced this quarter.

The technical specifications of the company’s own device are unclear. However, if the collaborating company is Realme ( to Realme 10 4G We think it will appeal to the middle segment. Realme 10 4G packs a FHD+ 6.4-inch display and 5000mAh. It gets its power from the Helio G99 chipset and 8GB of RAM.

This leak, which has not yet been approved by the beverage giant, is kept exclusively for the Indian market. Allegations say that Coca-Cola may offer its smartphone with various accessories. Still, it should be reminded that the device is only a leak until the official announcement comes.

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