Sony, the leader of the market, widens the gap with the second-ranked Samsung

Sony, the market’s largest provider of CMOS image sensors, continues to open up with Samsung in second place.

Samsung remains the second largest CMOS image sensor provider in the market after Sony, but the gap between the two companies seems to be widening. Omnivision, Onsemi and GalaxyCore are behind Sony and Samsung in terms of market share in the third quarter of 2022.

Sony was the chief CMOS image sensor supplier in the third quarter, with 51.6% market share, according to a market report from research firm Omdia, as reported by The Elec. Samsung, on the other hand, became the 2nd largest provider, controlling only 15.6% of the market. Omnivision, Onsemi and GalaxyCore held 9.7%, 7.0% and 4.0% stakes, respectively. It ranks sixth with a share of 3.8%. SK Hynixtook.

It is reported that Samsung’s CMOS image sensor sales in the third quarter of 2022 reached $ 740 million, down from $ 800-900 million in previous quarters. According to market observers, one of the reasons behind Sony’s success is the Japanese technology giant. Xiaomi 12X Ultrahaving received an order for devices such as

By mid-2021, Samsung had a 29% CMOS image sensor market share, while Sony had 46% of the segment. It looks like Sony continues to widen its second-mid gap, and market watchers believe this trend will continue.

Sony is also expected to provide Apple with CMOS image sensors for the upcoming iPhone 15 series, which could take it further.