Statement of increased civil servant salary from the Treasury and Finance

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance announced that the IT infrastructures are ready to quickly deposit the additional increase amount to increase the welfare level of public officials.

In the statement made on the social media account of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it was stated that the salaries of 2.9 million public officials in 210 public administrations were paid electronically through the information system managed by the Ministry’s General Directorate of Accounts.

Reminding that the 30 percent increase, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had announced, was accepted at the General Council of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the following was noted:

“Our group has worked devotedly and updated our systems so that the additional increase amount aimed at increasing the welfare of our public officials will be deposited into the accounts quickly. With the calculation of January salaries, an additional increase of 13.52 percent and a 14-day salary resulting from the coefficient increase in the middle of January 1st to January 14th. We will open our systems to the use of our public institutions so that the differences can be paid.”