Steam has launched DLCs for your Games! How to use?

Steam has introduced DLCs for your games feature, where you can see downloadable content for games in your library.

Steam, which is among the largest digital game stores in the world, continues to improve the user experience with new features it offers every day. Now, the platform has launched the feature where you can see all the DLCs for your games in your library. So how is it used?

Steam has launched DLCs for your Games!

DLC offers additional content to get more enjoyment out of your games. These; There may be new maps, characters, cars, weapons, levels and options. This prolongs the duration of the game. DLCs ​​are released by the developers and you have to pay a separate fee.

Steam recently released “ DLCs ​​for your games ” feature launched. This feature allows you to discover all the paid and free downloadable content you can get for the games in your library.

To discover DLCs Recently Played Firstand Most Played Recently has options. The first offers suggestions for the games you’ve played most recently, and the second for the games you spend the most time on.

To access the DLCs feature for your games by clicking here You can reach the relevant page. If your account is not open, let’s say that you need to log in. On the other hand, you can also see the number of games in your library here.

Steam has recently begun to place a lot of emphasis on personalized features. So much so that the platform recently launched the Steam Retrospective, where you can see account statistics. Thanks to this feature, you can see in detail how many games you have played in which periods. It also contains other details about your profile.

Steam aims to highlight content players may have missed with DLCs for your Games. So what do you think about this feature? Do you think it was necessary? You can share your views on the subject with us in the comments section below.