Steam once again proved that it is unrivaled with the new records it broke

Steam continues to break records in the number of users who are online and play games on the platform at the same time.

Steam had a record-breaking weekend, surpassing 10 million concurrent in-game players and 32 million concurrent online players for the first time in its history.According to SteamDB (a database not connected to Valve), Steam surpassed previous milestones by seeing 10,082,055 active in-game players and 32,186,301 concurrent online users – online but not playing – on Saturday, January 7th.

More impressively, Steam has once again broken the concurrent online user record since SteamDB’s first announcement on Saturday, and the database has It has also been reported that Steam has reached the new all-time high of 33,078,963 users.

Steam has been increasingly breaking records for simultaneous online users since the beginning of 2020, which coincided with the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic. By March of that year, the platform had broken the all-time record for concurrent users with 20,313,451, and by March 2022, it had set a new record of 30 million users.

Most popular games on Steam

Not surprisingly, the two most recognizable games on the platform are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensivetook the crown, reaching over 1 million simultaneous players over the weekend, and DOTA 2 ranked second. However, the third-place name was surprising: it’s a free-to-play multiplayer game. Goose Goose Duck.