Strike in the power and port sector in France

In France, oil refineries, power, port and dock workers decided to strike against the government’s pension reforms.

According to the news in the French press, oil refineries, power plants, port and dock workers are going on strike at the invitation of the “CGT Petrole” union against the reform that includes increasing the retirement age to 64.

The strike of the employees, who plan to stop the fuel shipments from the oil refineries to the warehouses, will continue tomorrow.

With regard to TotalEnergies, the CGT union said this morning that 100 percent of the employees of the Flanders oil depot in the north, 80 percent of the Normandy oil refinery and 50 percent of the La Mede refinery in the south participated in the strike.

Fabrice Coudour, Secretary General of CGT Mining and Power Syndicate (FNME-CGT), said that as of today, a decrease in production at nuclear power plants and dams is expected.

Wind and solar farms around the city of Montlucon have experienced power cuts since yesterday, undertaken by the CGT union.