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Surprise date argument: Foldable iPad may arrive much sooner than expected

Ming Chi Kuo, a famous Apple analyst, put forward a history thesis for the foldable iPad that excited everyone.

According to supply chain analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple may launch the foldable iPad as early as next year.

Kuo tweeted on the subject, ” I’m positive about the foldable iPad in 2024 and I expect this new model to increase shipments and improve the product mixKuo says he expects the refurbished iPad Small, which will enter mass production in early 2024, to join this model as well.

Kuo didn’t reveal many new details about the foldable iPad, but the Chinese component maker Anjie Technologysays it will have a “carbon fiber” reinforcement leg manufactured by

2024 release date, analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultant last February Ross Young It’s significantly earlier than the last precious foldable iPad prediction from . Young reported that Apple is developing a foldable iPad, However, he said that this tablet will not be released before 2026..