Surprise meeting between the USA and China

US Treasury Secretary and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is expected to hold his first face-to-face meeting in Switzerland. The two presidents will discuss macroeconomic developments during their meeting.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will hold their first face-to-face meeting in Zurich on January 18. In the statement made by the US Treasury Department, it was stated that macroeconomic and other economic problems will be discussed during the meeting.

The surprise peak will be the first face-to-face meeting, following the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese State Leader Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Indonesia in November.

It is stated that the meeting may be contentious due to issues such as trade disputes between the two countries, human rights and Taiwan’s autonomy.

Yellen has made statements in critical works in recent months about the necessity of policies that will reduce dependency on China. Due to the US’s efforts to prevent China’s access to certain technologies, the Beijing government accused the US of implementing ‘protective’ economic policies.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also expected to visit Beijing soon.

In an interview with Bloomberg in November, Yellen drew attention to the fact that Xi’s increase in power increased the uncertainties about the world’s second largest economy.