Tax criticism from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Mohammed al-Cedan described the decision to tax the interests of oil companies by some Western countries as “selfish”.

Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Mohammed al-Cedan, in his speech at the International Mining Conference held in Riyadh, reacted to the decision of Western countries to “impose additional taxes” on fossil fuel producers with high profits.

Arguing that in periods when oil prices are low, what kind of persecution the power companies suffer is not taken into account, Cedan said, “(to the oil companies) These taxes are the product of inefficient one-sided selfish opinions”.

There were companies that brought it to the judiciary

In this midst, Amin Hasan al-Nasser, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Aramco, the country’s national oil company, had previously said that “tax impositions” on companies would not be the solution to the power crisis.

The European Union has decided to impose additional taxes on fossil fuel producers who provide high benefits in 2022-2023. Some of the power companies that reacted to this had brought the issue to the judiciary.