Team offer to contract worker in public sector materialized

The law proposal, which envisages giving teams to 458 thousand 615 contract employees working in the public sector, was accepted in the General Council of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and became an article.

At the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Bill on the Amendment of the Law on Civil Servants and Certain Laws and the Decree of Law No. 663, signed by the AK Party, MHP and the General Leader of the Great Unity Party, Mustafa Destici, and 175 deputies, was accepted and materialized.

Before 28 November 2022, those who work as contract workers will be able to switch to the civil servant team.
Those who want to switch to the officer team will apply within 30 days after the law comes into force.

In addition to contracted craftsmen, contract workers who are employed within the scope of seasonal services with a duration of less than 1 year, with different financial and social rights within the scope of 4B, who fulfill the same or similar duties with them, are also brought to the same status as the craftsmen who always work.

Those who serve as deputy imam-hatip and deputy muezzin-trustee within the scope of the Presidency of Religious Affairs will be appointed to the officer teams if they apply within 30 days and are successful in the KPSS score and exam.

Those who openly act as a substitute midwife and nurse and carry the general rules in the law will be appointed to the midwife and nurse teams by the Ministry of Health, if they apply within 30 days from the effective date of this issue.