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Ted Lasso returns to Apple TV Plus for his 3rd term

Ted Lasso, the hit series of Apple TV Plus, is getting ready to return to the screens with its 3rd term. Now, a clear date has not been announced, but now we have valuable information about when we can watch the series.

Apple has officially announced that Ted Lasso, one of the most loved Apple TV Plus series, will return later this year.While no reasonable release date has now been announced, Apple has confirmed that Ted Lasso’s season 3 in the spring of 2023It says it will air on Apple TV Plus.

We don’t know much about the new era yet. The only information we have is An image showing Ted Lasso and Nate now facing off as rival coaches.Considering the ending of the 2nd season, it looks like this relationship will be a big part of the new story.

Ted Lasso debuted first in 2020 and has become one of the biggest hits on Apple TV Plus. The series, in which Jason Sudeikis plays the US technical manager Ted Lasso, will bid farewell to the screens with its third period, according to some claims. But now there is no official statement made on this bet.