Tesla’s Autopilot image was actually a huge scam compared to the thesis

A Tesla employee claimed that the Autopilot image published by the company was fiction in his statement to the court.

Tesla’s Autopilot system is on its way to becoming one of the greatest examples of mountain rat breeding. And now a new thesis has been added to his story.

A Tesla engineer says the image released in 2016 showing the car driving itself and then parking is fiction.

an autopilot engineer at Tesla Ashok Elluswamy In a statement by , the company is said to claim that the image showing him driving one of the cars with the same name is a fabrication. According to an article published in 2021, Tesla employees claimed that the route the car followed in the image was actually mapped and actually crashed somewhere during the shoot.

The image, released in 2016 and still available on Tesla’s website, shows a Tesla taking someone to the Tesla office park. The driver gets out of the car and the car parks itself between the two cars. The disclaimer below the image reads: The person in the driver’s seat is there for purely legal reasons. It doesn’t do anything. The car goes by itself.

According to the news, Elluswamy said, ” The goal of the video was not to depict in real form what was available to customers in 2016. It was to depict what is possible to include in the system” said.

Word of Elluswamy, software engineer who died in a Tesla accident in 2018 Walter Huang A module of the lawsuit filed by ‘s family. Elluswamy contends that the image does not truly portray Tesla’s self-driving abilities at the time, and the lawyer representing Huang’s family Andrew McDevitt, “ Featured this image without any disclaimer or asterisk is clearly misleading” says.

Tesla isn’t the only company offering cars with driver assistance, but the company has made headlines with a few crashes involving the feature. The company’s name is mentioned in various legal cases and investigations surrounding the advanced driver assistance system. The California courthouse has even passed a new law that prevents Tesla from advertising self-driving until vehicles are truly fully autonomous.