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The Apple Watch’s Siri misunderstood the boxing instructions; the police raided the gym

What happened when the Apple Watch’s Siri misunderstood the boxing instructions; The police suddenly raided the gym.

An Australian personal trainer’s Apple Watch summoned 15 police to the “scene” with a suspicious gunfight report during a regular workout.

reportedly from Sydney Jamie Alleyne was practicing boxing with a client who punched his training pads. While the customer was banging on the pillows, Siri kicked in due to the pressure of Alleyne’s wrist on her watch, and that’s what happened next. Alleyne removed the watch from her wrist and set it aside.

Alleyne continued to instruct his client to execute certain punch combinations, such as “1-1-2”. These instructions contained statements about the quality of the customer’s punches. But it was also an emergency phone number…

Unbeknownst to Alleyne, Siri came to her own conclusion and called the emergency number. Soon, police and ambulances began flocking to the gym where Alleyne was training.

Alleyne posted photos of the cops on her Instagram. He later told news site that he subsequently disabled Siri on his Apple Watch. He also stated that he was impressed by the reaction rate of the police, even if it was a false report.