The best time to seek psychotherapy

Before starting the psychotherapy process; The client enters a preparation process for the situations that force him in his daily life. This process evolves into a result as a result of both environmental suggestions and some individual researches of the client. However, in order to solve the difficulties experienced here, the information obtained must be correct and suitable for the personality of the client. Therefore, this process should be carried out by professionals.

First of all, I would like to share with you an assessment that I find wrong about the psychotherapy process. This process is seen by people as an application that should be started in a very bad period of their lives. However, since the therapy process is a process that is personal and protected by ethical rules in many respects, it is not a work that the person feels the need to apply only as a result of negative complaints. Of course, although the difficulties experienced are quite decisive for the decision to start psychotherapy, the person may decide to start the therapy process in order to be happier if he is happy about his daily life, more productive if he is productive about his work life, and more peaceful if he is peaceful about his marriage. Therefore, it would be wrong to see this process as a process to be resorted to only in adverse situations. So, what would be the best start of therapy for the person? The first thing we need to focus on here is how much the cognitive status and perspective of the person in his daily life coincide with the realities of life. For example: An approach or perspective that has been very productive and stable for oneself in his life until today may not function so well in the life he is in today. Therefore, there is a need to acquire some perspective differences here. To match the opposite situation with a metaphor, imagine your mobile phone has worked flawlessly until now and you haven’t updated it for a long time, so your phone will have trouble responding to your needs after a while, right? In fact, our cognitive world that we carry with us in life is similar to this. Sometimes life makes us experience situations that we have difficulty in getting out of, and sometimes it obliges us to reveal our potential without any blockage. So, the best time to start the psychotherapy process is when you feel most ready and eager for a visible change in your life. Thank you for taking the time to read.