The biggest concern of Europeans is the cost of living.

According to the Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament, 93 percent of EU citizens see the cost of living as their biggest source of worry.

It was stated that the biggest concern for the citizens of the European Union (EU) countries is the cost of living.

The Eurobarometer survey noted that 93 percent of EU citizens view the cost of living as their biggest source of worry.

While at least 70 percent of citizens in all EU countries complained about cost increases in basic items, especially power and food, this rate was 100 percent in Greece, 99 percent in the Greek Cypriot part, and 98 percent in Italy and Portugal.

It was stated that the most important source of anxiety after the high cost of living was the threat of poverty and social exclusion with 82 percent.

The third source of alarm for Europeans was determined as climate change and the risk of the war in Ukraine spreading to other countries.

Living standards have declined

46 percent of the respondents said that their living standards have fallen due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, the war in Ukraine and the high cost.

39 percent of Europeans said that there is no decrease in their standards now, but they expect a decrease this year. The difficulty level in paying bills was marked as “often” or “sometimes” by 39 percent.

European citizens expressed that they expect more from the EU regarding the resolution of these problems.

Confirmation of reinforcements to Ukraine

The vast majority of Europeans are of the opinion that Ukraine should be given a foothold against Russia. 74 percent of the respondents stated that the military and economic support for Ukraine should continue.

73 percent of the participants, who appreciated the EU’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine, noted that they approved the sanctions against Russia.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted between 12 October and 7 November. 26 thousand people participated in the survey conducted in all 27 EU countries.