The cooling system that will make the fan noise a thing of the past: AirJet is coming!

A completely fanless cooling system that will make the noise of laptop fans a thing of the past: AirJet Small and AirJet Pro are coming…

An innovative cooling solution, if as effective as its developers suggest, could spell the end of laptop fans.

based in San Jose Free SystemsIt is a revolutionary new “inventive device” that can be implemented with the goal of providing superior and almost completely silent cooling for everything from ultrabooks to VR headsets. cooling chip ” developed. This assay is not a passive cooling assay. Although no fan is used, “ AirJetThese chips, called ”, provide effective airflow by vibrating the superior thin membranes inside the chip at ultrasonic frequencies to create air jets.

This process provides cooling by sucking colder air through tiny holes on the top surface of the chip and then spraying it into a narrow chamber at the bottom where it comes in contact with a heat spreader plate.The emitter is made of the cooled component ( for example, copper heat pipes connected to multiple laptop processors) absorbs heat and dissipates it through the AirJet’s internal airflow, expelling hot exhaust air from one end of the chip.

Even the best laptops can get annoying with fan noise under heavy load, and Frore System’s analysis seems to be a candidate to completely eliminate this problem.

AirJet Small and AirJet Pro

The technology, which comes in two variants, AirJet Small and the larger but more powerful AirJet Pro, is claimed to perform significantly better than conventional laptop fans due to the greatly increased air pressure generated by the small chamber inside the 2.8mm thick chip.

According to the developers, the AirJet operates at 21 dBA. It’s quieter than a human whisper approaching the lower echelons of human hearing. For comparison, the average laptop fan produces over 40 dBA, while ordinary speech produces around 65 dBA. Also, the chip has very little power consumption for the AirJet Small at just a single Watt.

Frore System is currently working with Intel and its laptop partners to deliver a new laptop using AirJet cooling by the end of 2023.