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The first live image of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has finally appeared

A test image allegedly related to the Galaxy S23 Ultra says that previous leaks are real.

We are used to hearing a new leak every day regarding the Galaxy S23. The leak revealed this time is a test image. The image of the leak circulating on social media appears to have been taken in a phone shop in Nicaragua. The image features a green Ultra model and shows how the phone’s camera works.

The hands-on image doesn’t tell us much we don’t already know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s successor, but it’s interesting to see how similar this phone will be to the leaks seen so far in real life.

We also see photos of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in black, green, cream and magenta colors previously published on the internet by unofficial sources. In this case, the leaked preliminary information appears to be largely inaccurate. As you can see from the leaks, Samsung has already started sending the new phone to sales stores.

There’s been a flood of Galaxy S23 leaks, so to speak, in recent weeks, and Samsung doesn’t have much to explain. We’ll get our first official look at the new phones, including the Ultra model, on Wednesday, February 1. Samsung UnpackedWe will throw it at the event.