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The long-awaited innovation has arrived in Android’s clock app

Google offers a new update to make things easier for the sounds you want to use in Android’s clock app.

Google’s Android clock app has long allowed users to add a custom sound on their phones to use for alarms and timers. However, this process can be a bit challenging. To complete the process, users had to go through a document management system to use the sound as an alarm or timer sound.

With the changes made by Google, this situation is changing. Now, users will be able to record all the sounds they want directly into the clock application.

As reported by XDA Developers, the update for the clock app is now rolling out. Therefore, users will be able to start using the new feature in a short time.

In a statement published on XDA Developers, “ Newly, you don’t have to go through random circles and you can record a new alarm or timer sound directly from the Clock app. Once the feature is available on your device, you will see a new Record new option in the Alarm sound and Timer sound settings. Tap on it and the Recorder app opens, allowing you to easily record a new alarm or timer sound.” is said.

However, it is also underlined that this innovation is mostly limited to Pixel phones at the moment, since the Pixel-exclusive Recorder app is used to record audio: “ Unfortunately, this feature seems to be limited to Pixel devices as it relies on the Pixel-exclusive Recorder app. As Mishaal Rahman pointed out, it appears to be sending the target MediaStore.RECORD_SOUND, which targets, the package name of the Recorder app. However, the Recorder application may be available on some custom ROMs that come pre-installed.

Although it is mostly limited to Pixel phones for now, we can say that it is a nice development that the feature has started to come directly to the clock application.