The new PlayStation 5 update has been leaked!

The new PlayStation 5 update has been leaked. According to Insider Gaming, the console will receive cloud support and full Discord integration.

Originally released on November 12, 2020 PlayStation 5 has received many updates since its release. Although these are mostly stabilization supports, thanks to the updates, players have strengthened their experience. Today, a rumor has emerged about the new update. So much so that the next PlayStation update details and release date have been announced.

The new PlayStation 5 update will include full Discord integration!

According to Insider Gaming’s leak, Sony will bring fully integrated Discord support with the new PlayStation 5 update. 7.00update, called version March 8, 2023 will be available to players. In addition, with version 7.00, the console will also have cloud support. In this way, players will be able to save limited storage space.

Discord support, which was previously leaked by Insider Gaming, was introduced in 2022 and seems to appear this year. According to the same source, cloud support is on the Sony side” cronus ” has been under development for months. Insider Gaming says cloud support only PlayStation Plus Premiumannounced to its owners.

Finally, the leak reveals that Sony will start testing the 7.00 PlayStation 5 update in the coming days, and January 30 He says he will finish these tests in . It should be noted that cloud support is not yet available in all countries, and this support may be limited to certain regions, at least at the first stage. Also, only one of these allegationIt’s good to be reminded that.

There has also been another leak recently. The leak comes from Winfuture, which has garnered confidence due to its previous leaks. So much so that the PlayStation 5 has two DualSense It will be sold in a new package. According to the information transferred, this package will be offered for both digital and disc version. The price of this package, which will be released from the end of January, is not yet known.

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