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The phone, which has been updated for exactly 7 years, has finally come to the end of the road.

The end of the road has finally appeared for the smartphone Fairphone 2, which has been receiving updates for exactly 7 years

fairphone, Fairphone 2of life March 2023 announced that it will end in . This phone was released in October 2015; it’s almost 7.5 year update period means. But it seems that now the end of the road has been reached.

fairphone, Google, Samsung, BBK and a very small Dutch company that doesn’t have as many resources as other big tech giants, but we can say that it has managed to surpass the tech giants with its anchor program. Because the support they have given for 7.5 years is quite enough.

The whole purpose of the company is to provide easily repairable phones, spare cuts available and long update life and avoid frequent replacement of phones. currently on the market Fairphone 4 It offers a 5-year hardware warranty and a 6-year update period, adding credibility to the company’s prestige. But unfortunately these phones are only on sale in the UK and Europe.

Updating the Fairphone 2 for quite some time has been a big undertaking for Fairphone, the company mostly Qualcomm He was doing it without his help. But it did last up to a point.

Fairphone 2 owners are accustomed to using their phones so they can continue. However, the company states that in case of continued use, it will be the responsibility of the users. On the other hand, the company also offers an exchange program for its phone. Fairphone, for those who want to change their phone 50 Euro creditHe says he will.