The secret of the peaceful family

The sound of love , the touch of love The color of love , the breath of love Is there a scent of love ?

O dear! Isn’t it with the breath of a wind that the nature, which has risen from hibernation, comes to life again?

While a flower dust is being blown away from its essence, Isn’t an ending a new beginning, Isn’t it a representation to show the essence to those who don’t know its essence, Isn’t each dust a representation, To cross new towns and almost want to make you aware of its existence Doesn’t it need to break away from its homeland to ensure its continuity no matter what color the soil is, isn’t it the place where it is wrapped up with confidence? While the echo of the rain sounds like a mother’s lullaby, in the valleys…..

Again, it doesn’t start with a drop of water lovingly kissing the ground, isn’t it a sign that the falling seed starts to take root and sprout is alive?

O dear! For the lover to meet his beloved, for the earth to come to life. Doesn’t the sun’s contact with its leaves and sometimes resting in the shadow of the moon contribute to its growth and development, and eventually turn into a fragrant lemon flower, a lemon field or a lavender seed, a lavender field?

Does the world, who has entrusted a seed from its creator, did not know what ingratitude is, and took care of it? Of course, he also took care of human beings, it is not necessary to oppose the order of Allah, it is an order in everything. The Creator, who has put the whole world at his service, has appointed a successor to the earth.

He made a depository of what He created from a nutfe. He considered the family from one mother and father sacred. The voice of the mother, the voice of the rain and the compassion, The scent of a child, a lemon flower, a lavender field. A mother’s hand caressing her hair, almost offering the warmth of the sun with compassion. In the ears, the trusting voice of your father is like the music of the wind to nature. Its theme is about the eternal belief that the soil covers the seed. Nature and human are so similar that two halves of an apple, it is necessary to read the book of the universe, because the verses are exemplary. It is the secret of a peaceful family to hear and make the voice of love heard, to breathe in its scent, to feel and feel it…

It is He who sends the winds as glad tidings before His mercy. Finally, when those winds are heavy with a cloud, we will send him to a dead country. There We bring down water and bring forth all kinds of fruits with it. This is how we will bring out the dead. You will probably learn from this. (A’raf Period – Verse 57)

It is He who sends down water from the sky. (He said:) Here we have grown all kinds of plants with it. From that plant, We created a green plant from which we will grow grains that overlap, bunches hanging from the bud of the date palm, vineyards, olive and pomegranate gardens; There are those who are similar to each other and those who are not. Look at the fruit of each one when it bears fruit and when it ripens! Undoubtedly, in all this there are signs for a people who believe. (The Time of An’am – Verse 99)

Then We created the semen as clotted blood (alaq). Then We created that blood as a chewed meat module (mudghah). Then we created that meat module as bone, and then we clothed the bone with meat. Then We built him as a different being (with a form, mind, and feelings). How great is Allah, the most pleasant of creators. (23/Mu’minun 14)