“The share of packaging in food cost increased to 25 percent”

The cost of packaging for food products is increasing day by day. The share of packaging in the total cost of a food item on the shelf has increased to 25 percent.


Along with energy, labor and transportation costs, food packaging costs have also become a prominent topic.

Industry representatives stated that the packaging and the total cost of the work on the shelf increased to 25 percent.

Representatives said that in order to reduce costs, they prefer low-cost packaging that will not damage the works.

Mehmet Göksu, General Manager of Seyidoğlu Food, said that packaging costs have increased by 200 percent, especially in the last year. Göksu said, “Packaging costs have increased by 200 percent in the last year. Its share in the total cost of food products has exceeded 25 percent. This is not true for every work, but in general, this is the case. While the cost goes down for large-length packaged works, the cost goes up a lot for small ones.”

Kazım Taycı, the Leader of Tayaş Food Management Council, also drew attention to the one-to-one cost share.

Taycı said, “When we look at the inner packaging, presentation box and outer parcel, especially in the set of finished agricultural products, the share of the packaging in the work has reached 25 percent.”

Taycı emphasized that they take different measures due to the costs: We work with millimetric precision to evaluate the residues both in packaging machines and in scrap in our own establishments. Previously, we used ornamental materials with precious leaves. We haven’t been using them lately. We demand slightly simpler works from distributors. We give priority to works that can preserve the quality of the work, but cost-effective.