These Problems Might Be the Cause of Your Eye Pain

While the pain in and around the eyes may occur due to easy eye strain many times, it can sometimes be a sign of important problems.

While pain in and around the eyes may occur more than once due to easy eye strain, it can sometimes be a sign of significant problems. eye pain; If it is accompanied by redness, bleeding, itching, burning, stinging and swelling, it is absolutely necessary to consult an ophthalmologist. Determining the problem with a detailed eye and vision examination performed by specialist doctors is very valuable in order to prevent possible permanent damage. Kiss. Dr. Mehmet Esat Teker talked about eye pain.

These Issues Might Be the Cause of Your Eye Pain

Sinusitis Or Headache May Reflect In The Eyes

Most people may have complaints of pain from time to time. Pain may occur due to trauma, inflammation and infection in the eyes. Pain can be the only favorite, or both.

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It is difficult for the patient to determine the exact location of the eye pain. Therefore, a medical examination is a must in order to determine the location and cause of the pain. The presence of pain and the additional symptoms seen help in the actual diagnosis of the disease. Sometimes the pain can pass ex officio, and sometimes treatment may be required. Pain in the eyes can often be encountered when sinusitis or headache is reflected in the eye. In this case, patients are directed to Neurology and Ear Nose and Throat departments.

Some Issues Can Cause Eye Pain

Multiple eye diseases are manifested by admirable pain. Some problems and diseases may be the cause of the onset of pain.

Foreign body in the eye : Foreign bodies in the eyes; In addition to the sudden onset of pain, stinging, burning and watering complaints, it can cause blurred vision and redness. In these cases, you should definitely go to the ophthalmologist and the foreign body should be removed by the ophthalmologist. There is a risk of further damage to the eye when the object is tried to be removed on its own.

Conjunctivitis: It is an inflammation of the tissue above the white structure of the eye. It may also be due to non-microbial factors such as microbial, allergic and autoimmunity. The enlargement of the vessels in the conjunctiva is manifested by the admirable redness. In this case, patients may have complaints such as stinging, burning, watering, a feeling of sand being thrown into the eyes, burrs and itching in addition to the pain that is appreciated. Conjunctivitis usually improves with drop treatments.

Corneal abrasion: It is a condition that occurs due to scratching or scraping of the cornea. It manifests itself in the form of significant pain, stinging, burning, watering, discomfort from light, and blurred vision after trauma. In terms of possible puncture control, a medical examination is absolutely necessary without losing time.

Keratitis: It is the inflammation of the corneal layer due to microbial or non-microbial causes. Especially keratitis that occurs after unhygienic soft contact lenses require immediate treatment. Otherwise, infections may occur within 24 hours that may result in a puncture. It is reported that it is very valuable to wear and remove the lenses daily, to pay attention to hygiene and to remove the lens when swimming in the pool or sea.

Glaucoma: Eye pressure disease manifests itself with significant pain (eye bursting), nausea, vomiting and headache in crisis situations. It is a situation that needs urgent intervention. Otherwise, the likes may leave irreversible damages.

Uveitis:Uveitis involves the anterior, middle, posterior, or entire uveal layer of the eye.   a situation that can be kept. It manifests itself with pain, sensitivity to light, loss of vision and redness in the eyes. It can occur due to trauma, infection or immune system disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment are very valuable in terms of preventing permanent damage.

Optic neuritis: It is the inflammation of the visual end, which provides the connection between the eye and the brain, due to various reasons. Patients may present with pain, especially pain that increases with eye movement, blurred vision, and loss of visual field. It is a condition that needs urgent treatment.

Blepharitis or hordeolum: It is a condition that manifests itself with swelling, tenderness and pain in the lids after the occlusion of the oil channels opening to the base of the eyelashes. It is popularly known as a stye or dog elbow. Mostly, within a few days, relief is experienced as a result of the discharge of the inflammation in the swelling area. In cases where there is no ejaculation, it is valuable in terms of reducing the need for surgery after evacuation by massage.

Cellulite: It is divided into 2 clusters in the form of preseptal or orbital cellulitis. Headache, favorite pain, especially pain in eye movements, may appear with symptoms such as swelling, redness, vision loss, and may also manifest itself with neurological symptoms as a result of the progression of cellulite. Urgent examination and initiation of appropriate treatment are vital.

Scleritis or episcleritis: It is an inflammation of the deep tissues of the white part of the eye. It may occur due to microbial or non-microbial causes. It should definitely be treated after a doctor’s examination.

Dry eye: Dry eye can accompany all diseases involving the surface of the eye. Sometimes it can have a mild course, sometimes it can be at a significant level; It manifests itself with pain, burning, stinging, light sensitivity, blurred vision in patients.

If You Have These Symptoms, Don’t Waste Your Time!

In addition to pain in the eye, if 1 or 2 of the following symptoms are present, an ophthalmologist should be consulted. Arrangement of appropriate treatment after detailed eye and vision examination is of vital importance in order to prevent possible permanent damage.

  1. If nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain are also present
  2. Sudden and significant decrease in vision
  3. In case the eye comes forward without error
  4. If you have limited eye movements
  5. If the pain is too great to touch the eye
  6. In cases of serious trauma or exposure to chemical agents, a specialist should be consulted.

Recommendations Sufficient for Eyestrain

If the cause of eye pain is due to chronic eye fatigue, some applications can be effective:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of light in the environment can rest the eyes.
  • If you work while looking at the monitors for long periods, it can be effective to rest the eyes by closing and opening the eyes with short breaks.
  • If you have an eye problem, you may need to have your eye doctor confirm that you are using real tricks. (BSHA-Science and Health News Agency)