Tips from CZ for Coins to List on Binance

Coins to be listed on Binance are evaluated by filling out the online application form.

Coins to be listed on Binance are evaluated by filling out the online application form. Continuing its efforts to list high-quality tokens, the exchange implements a strict procedure for this purpose. Regarding the newly listed coins, there are some tips published by Binance CEO CZ.

How to Apply for Binance Listing?

In order to list coins on Binance, the application form must be filled first. With this, direct listingThe form filled in for the application and the Launchpad or Launchpool forms used in the listing application are different from each other in terms of functionality.

The difference is that direct listing and Launchpool are open to tokens that are already in circulation or that have not yet been issued, while Launchpad is limited to projects that are at a relatively early stage and have not yet held a token generation event.

During the application;

  • All information requested to be transmitted to Binance must be specified in the form.
  • If any problem is encountered during the listing, it would be appropriate for the project founder or CEO to fill in the application, since it is necessary to contact the key name of the project.
  • The process after the application requires patience, as the application undergoes a rigorous examination.
  • In order to speed up the process, the stock market officials should be responded quickly and professionalism should be maintained during the evaluation process.

What are the Coin Listing Conditions on Binance?

For the coins to be listed on Binance, the exchange evaluates according to some conditions it has determined. Therefore, it is very important to meet these conditions at the time of application. Listing conditions for newly listed coins can be listed as follows:

  1. No questions should be asked of CZ for a status update on the application.
  2. Appointment of a liaison officer should not be required. (To avoid bias and potential bribery attempts, projects are not allowed to contact the review team.)
  3. Coins should not be “shilled” on social media or chats, especially to CZ.
  4. Instead of shilling, regular (for example, weekly) status updates should be submitted via the Binance listing application form.
  5. The White Paper should not be sent to CZ.
  6. Project teams are not allowed to disclose their listing information until Binance makes the listing announcement.
  7. An application must be made if the coin requested to be listed has at least the minimum eligibility. Otherwise, the application will not pass the first examination.

No.t: Even though the project will not be listed at this time, Binance officials may reconsider the application in the future when they see progress in the project.

How is the Application Tracked?

If the project passes the initial review, a team member from Binance will only contact the applicant via email. It should be ensured that the form is submitted only using the listing application links provided on this web page for direct listing on and the Launchpad/Launchpool application and is not located on a phishing site.

In the event of a message allegedly sent from Binance, the first action to take is to verify whether the interviewee is an official representative of Binance. If the source appears as “unverified” in “Binance Verification”, it can be assumed that the message in question is not a legitimate message sent by the exchange. In this case, the message should be ignored and no link should be clicked on. However, even if the address of the source sending the email appears to be “verified”, it is not sufficient to conclude that the email was legitimately sent by Binance, due to the possibility of a fake email.

Coins to List on Binance

According to tips shared by Binance CEO CZ in mid-2021, there are certain criteria and processes for coins to be listed. It is difficult to learn the coins to be listed on Binance from the outside. There are teams that work diligently and conduct investigations. However, it is possible to evaluate whether the projects you trust will be listed or whether they comply with these criteria. In addition, if you want to list a cryptocurrency, these are the steps you need to go through.