Mobile Technology

Togg’s mobile app: Trumore is out!

Togg offered Trumore’s first point of contact mobile application to users on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery.

Togg, which is known as a domestic automobile brand by everyone in our country, but has turned into a global technology brand serving in the field of mobility, has launched its digital platform. Trumore‘s first point of contact mobile application App Store, Google Play and App Galleryoffered through. Pre-order for domestic carThe fact that it will be given over Trumore takes the application to a much more special point.

Togg aims to provide a personalized, user-oriented, smart and empathetic experience with new generation technologies such as fintech, insurtek, blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence with its mobile application Trumore, which it positions as a platform with strong collaborations and many different features.

The platform, which will be available for use only in Turkey at first, was shared with experts in the field before being put into service, and was developed in line with their opinions and suggestions.

What does the Trumore app offer?

It is not necessary to have a Togg smart device to use the platform, it is only necessary to download the application and create an identity (ID). Earn.more, one of the products that make up the platform, covers the services that give the user a win, and includes fintech solutions that offer uninterrupted payment and rewarding experiences.