Toyota and Astar Meet at Web3 Hackathon

Automotive giant Toyota will partner with Astar (ASTR) to explore blockchain use cases and areas.

Automotive giant ToyotaAstar (Astar) to explore blockchain use cases and areas. ASTR) will cooperate with

Blockchain initiatives of corporate companies and global giants continue. Especially large companies that continue their existence in the global economy have started to attract attention with their moves on the blockchain side. Finally, automotive giant Toyota is participating in the Web3 Hackathon organized by Astar to examine blockchain technology more closely.

Toyota and Astar Collaborate for Blockchain

Primer from Polkadot ecosystem ( ASTR), automotive giant at Web3 hackathon joint venture with Toyotaannounced that they would stop.

Smart contracts and decentralized dApp platform Astar shared its Web3 hackathon with its followers on Twitter. What stood out in this post was that the event was supported by Toyota.

Primer founder Sota Watanabe evaluated Toyota’s involvement in this initiative as follows;

β€œDuring the event, we aim to develop the first PoC (Proof of Concept) DAO tool for Toyota employees. If a good vehicle is produced, Toyota employees will interact with the products in Primer on a daily basis.”

The announcement also stated that this event is Toyota’s first Web3 event. The global automotive giant aims to be more involved in blockchain technology with this event.

The crypto project has pledged to raise a $100,000 fund to the winning projects that will be selected by the automotive giant.