Transactions Between Binance and Bitzlato Attracted Attention!

Crypto exchange Binance processed approximately $346 million in transactions with Bitzlato from May 2018 to last week.

crypto exchange Binance, BitzlatoFrom May 2018 to last week, approximately $346 millionperformed the transaction.

In the crypto sanctions announced by the US Department of Justice with great expectation, the Russian-based crypto exchange Bitzlato was seized. In addition, the USA did not hesitate to punish the Bitzlato founder. In these events, which have attracted the crypto industry and the agenda, Binance announced that it has and will assist the law throughout the Bitzlato process. Today, Reuters passed a news that would create a bombshell effect.

Binance Trades $346 Million with Bitzlato

According to Reuters, $346 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions were made between Binance and Bitzlato. Transfers, which started in May 2018, continued until last week.

The news channel also underlined that this data has not been reported by the stock market before. According to Reuters news, 205 thousand transactions were made between the two exchanges until the close of last week. As a result of these transactions, more than 20 thousand BTC was moved from Bitzlato to Binance. Reuters cited Chainalysis’s data as the source of the news.

According to data from Chainalysis, about $90 million of total transfers occurred after Binance requested ID from its users. The exchange gave the message that they are fighting money laundering crimes with such practices.